Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear random man talking to me through the slat in our fence,

Three things, sir.

One, as you can see, and hear, my 3 dogs are not too fond of random old men peering through little missing pieces of our fence.

Two, you seem completely oblivious to the fact that your small cat (or Baby Kitty as you are referring to her right now) is clawing her way over your shoulder. This cat clearly does not like the 3 dogs who are going berserk as we chat here. Nor do these 3 dogs like your Baby Kitty. Maybe you should remove her from the area. And yourself please.

Three, you are not Wilson and I am not a Tool Man. This is weird.

Scram man.

A neighbor just trying to throw some ball with her pups.

PS. I mean, they're vicious.

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