Wednesday, March 18, 2009

markets for fleas.

we found a great old flea market in Clearwater to check out this weekend. It was jampacked with antiques and fabulous oddities. Here are some of my very best scores.

I got two of these books for 10 bucks a piece. They are full of captioned photos, handwritten bits, paper clippings, etc. I love them so so much.

The photographer was quite the comedian! Most of the captions are very funny.

I also scored a big stack of random photos for $10. Most of color, but that stack on top are all black and whites from the 20's. I plan to use all these photos in an upcoming art project.

Two baggies full of old keys. 4 bucks!

I love this little bullie friend. He has a hole in his back I believe to put a candle in. $1.00

Bag full of bunnies! .50

I have a big weak spot for any and all things dinosaur. Bronto glass: one buck!

I will definitely be frequenting this flea market more often!

1 comment:

  1. I want to sit down and read through that captioned photo book. That's a great find! I love vintage pix, and with a humorous twist - that's even better!

    Also... the bag o' bunnies is neato! :)